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You value clean beauty, but with so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the products that are just right for you. Here at Magnolia Beauty, we handpick only the best beauty products so that you can shop online for skincare with confidence!

With personalised service right at your fingertips, shopping for beauty online has never been easier.

Hi, I'm Bailey.
Proud owner of Magnolia Beauty.

As a qualified beauty therapist, I understand the struggle you have in choosing the products that are just right for YOU and how overwhelming the process can feel.

That is why I created Magnolia Beauty. To make shopping for beauty and skincare products online easy.

Our mission is to help you feel confident choosing the right beauty products by offering high-quality, hand-picked natural beauty products that are free from nasty toxins.

If you are unsure which products or shades would suit you best, I can provide personalised assistance to you. So let's chat! I am here to help you choose the products that are just right for you! 

What is responsible for most of the visible aging of your skin?

What is responsible for most of the visible aging of your skin?

According to new research – sun damage is the MAIN cause of visible aging.

In the study, reported in the medical journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, researchers wanted to calculate for the first time the effect of sunlight alone.

UV rays accounted for 80 per cent of skin aging, including wrinkles, in the study of almost 300 women – half ‘sun worshippers’ and half ‘shy of the sun’.

The study also found that a 2% increase in skin damage ages a face by 3 years!

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Bailey’s Top 5 products for an easy, low maintenance summer makeup look 

Bailey’s Top 5 products for an easy, low maintenance summer makeup look 

Who wants a non sticky gloss?! We do! Define and hydrate your lips with this beautiful luscious lip gloss formula which has a natural moisturising base to condition your lips. Contains organic coconut oil and vitamin E to keep lips super soft and hydrated in the warm  summer weather. 

‘Nude’ is an awesome shade that goes with everything and looks gorgeously natural, or for  something with a bit more pigment, ‘Pink Mocha’ is another go-to shade.

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The benefits of using Gua Sha and Rose Quartz rollers

The benefits of using Gua Sha and Rose Quartz rollers

Both a Gua sha and a Rose Quartz facial roller provide lymphatic drainage for your face and neck areas whilst boosting the circulation in your skin.

The key difference is that a face roller is a convenient and quick massage tool used to stimulate blood flow and drain puffiness, while a Gua sha is for slowly and rhythmically contouring your face to activate the lymphatic system and release muscle tension.

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Amazing products coupled with amazing helpful service. Bailey goes above and beyond to make sure you look amazing and feel amazing.
Always a pleasure visiting Magnolia or shopping using the online shop. One of my favs!
Such a beautiful person behind this business, I've had fantastic service everytime I've bought from her.
Jen W