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Bailey’s Top 5 products for an easy, low maintenance summer makeup look 

Bailey’s Top 5 products for an easy, low maintenance summer makeup look 


  1. Tizo tinted primer SPF 40 

After you’ve applied your morning moisturizer, start with this amazing smooth, soft tinted primer…it will give you a light natural coverage evening out your skin tone and ‘blurring’  your pores. You can exercise or swim without worry, as this product is water resistant so  perfect for those beach days, gardening or exercising. Your skin is well protected from UVA & UVB sun damage with the SPF 40 and you can reapply during the day without that fear of  ruining your makeup! Tizo03 is a STANDOUT best seller and an absolute must have for your  summer low maintenance makeup. 

  1. Bella Vi Concealer 

This hydrating and rejuvenating concealer is the perfect choice to help conceal dark under  eye circles or any other imperfections for that little extra bit of coverage without feeling too  made up for those casual summer days.  

It’s premium blend of beeswax and enriched in apricot kernel oil, vitamin E and shea butter  provides an even and smooth coverage while protecting your skin. Apply after using your  Tizo primer in any areas that need a bit of extra coverage. Also great with swimming, the  beeswax helps it stay put! A little goes a long, long way. 

  1. Bella Vi Bronzer in ‘Stardust’ or ‘Sunkissed’ 

If you like that ‘sunkissed’ look minus the sun damage, a bronzer is a great way to give  colour to the face and provide a little contour. Dust along areas of the face that the sun  naturally hits, like forehead, nose, cheekbones and decolletage, use sparingly and build up  the colour as you like it. If you prefer a peachier colour, ‘radiant apricot’ is a blusher which  can also give some nice colour to the face.


  1. Elleevate Lashlift Mascara 

Goodbye panda eyes! No one likes a smudgy mascara that ends up on your face with sweat  and heat. The feedback on this mascara is that despite not being waterproof it still really  stays put! Plus then you get that added benefit of simply removing with warm water at night - Winning! Designed especially for those who have just had lash lifts or tints, but also great  for sensitive eyes or anyone who loves a defining and lengthening mascara. 

  1. Bella Vi Liquid lip gloss in ‘Nude’ or ‘Pink Mocha’ 

Who wants a non sticky gloss?! We do! Define and hydrate your lips with this beautiful luscious lip gloss formula which has a natural moisturising base to condition your lips. Contains organic coconut oil and vitamin E to keep lips super soft and hydrated in the warm  summer weather. 

‘Nude’ is an awesome shade that goes with everything and looks gorgeously natural, or for  something with a bit more pigment, ‘Pink Mocha’ is another go-to shade.